Denied MyDogsNameIsJake's teacher application!

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Jul 15, 2019
What is your in game name?:

MyDogsNameIsJake :giigle:

What is your rank on the server?:

Rich (changes a lot) :ninja:

What timezone are you in? (Important for planning school):

EST! (Available a lot during the day!)

What is your Ar Time? (Do /ar time):

14 days and 3 hours! (Pretty Active)

Why do you want to become a teacher?:

I want to become a teacher because a lot of my friends are applying, and it looks very, very interesting and looks like a lot of fun, I also want to help the players that need to learn, and love roleplaying! I also would love to teach anyone in need, as I find it fun, my dream is to be a teacher in the future and this is a good way to start accomplishing my goals.

What subjects do you want to teach in? Include 2-3 topics, in case one of your chosen subject(s) are already occupied. (Minecraft or McCities related topics only, as those are most pertinent to our students):

I can be the counselor, I love helping people if they are struggling with anything. :)(NOT MINECRAFT HISTORY, I WANT HUMAN HISTROY PLEASE!!) Of course, History, I can't get over how much I love nostalgia and history, history is my most recommended because it is my strongest subject and I know A LOT about the world, I would also like to benefit the school this way, I can even maybe give them a little minecraft history, also Geography, now let me explain how Geography can MY ALL TIME FAVORITE AND WOULD BENEFIT AND IS NOT TAKEN SO PLEASE READ THIS ONE AND CONSIDER ME TEACHING GEOGRAPHY geography is a very important subject to teach about the nations of our world, this tells us about our world, it's features, and all the land surrounding, this is a positive subject I would be honored to teach as it teaches us respect, and about thinking of other peoples lives in their individual countries. I know @RobotKenny teachers IN GAME GEOGRAPHY, therefore I will teach real world geography. (preferably pick GEOGRAPHY THANKS) lol <<<<

How would you handle a situation if a student wasn't behaving in class?

I would give 2 verbal warnings, then if the behavior continues (depends on the condition) I will let a vice principal, or principal know of the behavior so they can taken further actions towards the student.

Do you have an account for discord? (This is required for teachers to communicate and plan as a team):

ofc i do, jackie#6398

Do you have any questions, comments, or suggestions about teaching?

Not at the moment!

I hope you enjoyed reading my application, please consider me! Have a good day, and best of luck to other future teachers! -jackie
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Oct 14, 2017
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So not 100% sure on dwimmers policy but In general the class topics are minecraft related.

Minecraft geography and server history are both taken sadly. If dwimmer allows you to teach real world classes then they are available. But I am not certain he will.

So just to be sure consider some minecraft related topics. No need to mention them until dwimmer asks you to. Just keep some in mind.
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