Mythics Suggestion

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Mar 18, 2017
Mythics can be easily gained through /scroll. I want to suggest to give player with citizen+ to only be able to get legendaries and exotic, and tier 4 scrolls through /scroll. And resident and below because, it’s so easy to go on alts turn on a vpn, and vote, get xp and /scroll. And newbies are making hundreds of thousands from an item, that they got by plain luck. I don’t think it’s fair players can just get money that easily when starting of.

And players with citizen+ or who have been here longer or most of us are the ones who use it, have the same equal chance as someone who has newly joined to get a high class reward which can be worth hundreds of thousands.

I think that overtime, eventually it can ruin the economy, newbies can make hundreds of thousands by voting and getting a good reward from their xp.

I don’t hate newbies but I don’t think it’s fair that they can make tons of cash and get very good items, when they start of, out of shear luck.


Staff member
Jan 18, 2016
I can see restricting the use of /scroll from lower ranks to prevent the use of alts, but I don't see why we would eliminate the chance of getting legendary solely to lower ranks. Everyone has a given chance, being a lower rank does not make that chance better. In the end, the chance is low and if they get it and sell it for more money than they can probably make starting off, then it's good for them.