Case Closed New Mall Problems

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Oct 10, 2017
1. Who are you accusing? Whoever decided to implement the nmall
2. What are your claims/accusations? Replacing the old /warp mall has cost me money, without proper warning
3. Any additional proof you can provide us?
I paid 20k to get a first floor mall stall, which has been invaluable for bringing in business,, both for selling and buying product. However, the new mall was transferred without proper warning. This meant that my investment has now gone to waste, as the old mall stalls are nowhere near as valuable as the new ones. It has also meant a major decline in business, as the new mall is so much more accessible than the old one.

I am requesting 60k in reparations. 20k for the initial purchase of a stall that is now essentially worthless, another 20k to put towards purchasing a stall of equal value in the new mall, and 20k for a loss of revenue due to the sudden change of /warp mall.

If there had been a warning ahead time I could have adequately prepared. However, there was no warning and thus I've lost money/time due to this change.


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Feb 18, 2017
Many people lost sales from the new mall, yet the point of the new mall is to eventually lead in an increase in sales. There is no need to be refunded 100k+ for a new server build, or a change of warps, however I will refund you 10k so you can unrent the old mall and rent somewhere in the new mall. Case closed.
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