Case Closed Second court case against alapark1391.

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Who am I accusing? Alapark1391.

What are my accusations? The burglary of my apartment's smeltery.

Any proof I can provide? The screenshots are attached.

Around a month ago, I sued Alapark1391 for the theft of raw materials at my apartment, tacofish-18. Thanks to evidence kindly provided by Spyders_Crypt, the lawsuit was won and he agreed to pay me back or return my materials.

However, two days after mailing me that he had agreed to settle, alapark1391 left the server for nearly 4 weeks. Arius kindly agreed to help get some form of compensation as we assumed that he would not return.

However, I was just contacted by Arius that Alapark has returned to the server. Therefore, I would like to re-open the case in order to finally obtain the owed materials, which were valued by him at $41,612.

Items stolen:
531 iron ore
192 gold ore
73 gold ingots
6 iron ingots
11 coal blocks

I would like $41,612, the value of the items, or the same amount of those items to be returned to me quickly. The last time I was patient with Alapark he walked out of the server and made me wait nearly a month.

The evidence, taken by Spyders_Crypt on July 13, is attached below.

Thank you again, Arius, for your amazing help in the case, and to spyders_crypt for the screenshots.


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