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Feb 19, 2018
1. I am accusing @AqqL, @Skittix
2. @AqqL has broken into mine and @Shr4pn31's house in order to claim a bounty that wasn't meant for anyone's claiming. The bounty was purposed to raise the value of my head for @Shr4pn31 to receive when he killed me. That is when @AqqL broke into our house, by window, to get inside the house and kill me, @King_CobraX, to receive the bounty of $230,000+ that was placed on me. (That was all of Shr4pn31's makings through his entire existence on McCities.)
- @AqqL was invited ONCE into the house to make a deal with @Shr4pn3 101 regarding the heads. The deal was as is... "@AqqL would pay $1 Million for an amount of 10 heads of mine ,@King_CobraX, and the exchange would be made." @Shr4pn3 101 placed several heads on /ah.
- @AqqL may have placed a /sethome command in addition in order to keep track of our home plot
- @Skittix may have placed a /sethome command in addition to keep track of our home plot and to enter and take item from @Shr4pn3 101 's unlocked chests.
- @TrickyCobra also can attest to having to tell them to leave our plot
3. I have screenshots

1. I am accusing @TrickyCobra
2. By denying to peacefully help any of @Shr4pn31 or I, @King_CobraX, and saying he couldn't do anything to help either one
3. Screenshots

***@Shr4pn31 & @Shr4pn3 101 are the same persons***



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Oct 12, 2017
The Netherlands
You didn’t put the screenshots in that you were saying that I wasn’t doing anything, while I was at your house for 30 minutes waiting for the people to come and trespass.

You really hurted my feelings by saying I wasn’t helpful while I “wasted” time by staying at your house.

You also probably forgot that you were swearing at me at the time I was busy preparing to catch the criminals and that you were ‘msg’ing me with “fcking hurry they’re here”. I don’t want to say that I don’t want to help you bc it’s my job to, but this really hurted me. Please keep in mind I’m a person as well and that I’m trying my best to do my job.
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