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Mar 18, 2017
1. Who are you accusing? AerysAegis SunsofSilence and xChemicalKittyx
2. What are your claims/accusations? They Scammed me of 1million dollars to return my stuff back.
So I went to wilds in search of some mob spawners. So I saw this staircase leading down to a mineshaft so I decided to search there and i heard spider sounds and suddenly they attacked me. Some Server error happened not allowing me to use my sword or bandages as well as my gauss i had ammo, they were on plain iron armor i wouldnt have died that quick. As well as legendary armor prot 7. my items didnt seem to work which caused me to lose my 1million bounty and stuff in the process. As well as i couldnt press the respawn button when i died so i had to exit and relog.

Alright so I asked them for my items back and we agreed to a deal of 2million. AerysAegis agreed to sending half over then give me my stuff then I would send the other half to him. So I sent half he ran to bank deposited the cash, and logged out. 1 minute or 2 later he logs on and is in his house. I tpaed to one of his friends there asking if i can get my stuff back since i paid them. And he decides to kick me out of his house saying he dosent recall anything.

I am asking my Gear and stuff be reterned as well as the 1mil I sent them for attempted scamming of my items and taking my 1million.

My gear is as follows, a Prot 7 Unbreaking 6 legendary chestplate. Regular Slime Legs and Boots. A legendary sharp 6 sword with max enchants excluding knockback 2. and 2 slots on it. not used. My gauss and explosive bow. my cobalt pick and multi tool 7.

3. Any additional proof you can provide us?

Please dont mind the spotify music playing.

I will provide screenies.

This is when i died in wilds, u can check the coords it was in a mineshaft

This is me agreeing to the trade of them returning my stuff for 2m

He agreed for 2m and decides i can send in halves.

Here is me sending the first half which is 1mil

Here is him logging off after sending the 1million over

I was able to invsee someof the items they got


Here i am talking to one of his friends agreeing to return my stuff


I tpaed to Suns of Silence and AerysAegis kicked me out saying i was tresspassing so, like again
I am asking all my items be returned as well as the 1million he scammed out of me for attempted scam of my items.
May 29, 2018
@AerysAegis @SunsOfSilence @xChemicalKittyx do you have any comments?
Upon review of other cases (, I have found mentions of contracts used to solidify deals and other things in this manner. This Officer neglected to seek any form of contract nor insurance in this situation. I see nothing in the [vague] rules that seem to state verbal jargon as legally binding.

Furthermore, I reviewed the rules ( , and regarding the return of his items I am neither obligated nor required to return them, he was slaughtered in the Wild, a place that is designated as dangerous, and even cites a warning that Keep Inventory is turned off within this realm. This player's "Server Issues," that he seemed to encounter immediately upon meeting my group and myself in the wild are circumstances outside of our control, and we should not be penalized for what was clearly a client-side issue on his/her part.

In the future, I suggest the staff draft more specific, binding, and protective rules for both the criminals and common folk of the server, which will lead to the easiest solving of these problems, and a consistent ruling regarding what is 'scamming' and what is a willing choice for a player to send a sum of money with no guarantee of their product being received.

However, until this is done, I see no reason for the Courts to rule in his favor, especially since I am under the guise of 'Criminal' as offered by this staff and establishment. In a server where you promote the opportunity for players to become criminals, opening them to petty lawsuits about money that was willingly sent seems to defeat the purpose. Neither server, roleplay, nor police law ( rules this as a punishable offense by jail time or government interference.

If anything, this matter should be handled in 'roleplay,' as the server is tagged, and the Plaintiff should take the time to be more careful when entering the wild, specifically when approaching a group of unknown players.

Thank you for your time.


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Jan 3, 2017
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Court cases are for civil offenses that are not addressed in the rules, so this court case is justified. I agree that the items and bounty should not be returned, as the killing was legitimate and in the wild - that is, unless the glitch reported is investigated and validates Death's claims that he couldn't move or use his items. However, you extorted @Death out of $1,000,000 for the items back. My ruling is that you, @AerysAegis, pay Death_Inferno360 $1,000,000 OR return the following items, please. Thank you, case closed.

Protection 7, Unbreaking 6 diamond chestplate
Sharpness 6 with max enchants (excluding knockback 2) diamond sword with 2 unused slots
Explosive bow
Gauss rifle
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