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This is to be a long-term court case against Icanrekyouez, in order to attain either

1: A cease and desist order for constant attacks harassing players at the bank.
2: Compensation for the damage done to our armor and the money we have dropped
3: Compensation for the hours of time wasted

So, what am I suing him for? I'm aware that you can't really sue for someone PVPing at the bank, for that is the job of the police to deal with. However, if this becomes too frequent, it can become a complete nuisance. So I would like to clarify that I am not suing for being killed. Instead, I am taking legal action against him because I can no longer walk around without armor near the bank. Sure, I could either not go outside the red zone, or wear my armor, but often there are little "Parties" at the bank where swathes of people without armor show up. It's a bit rude to wear armor when nobody else is. Too militant for a casual party.

Not only is it difficult to step out without being attacked, his hit and run tactics are incredibly frustrating. If you don't fight back, you are cut down, and if you do, he quickly grappling hooks away, the comes right back and hits you. Rinse and repeat. This is incredibly irritating and makes it hard to have a good time at the bank. It's like being buzzed by some mosquito. You need to stay alert to keep it away, but even so, it requires effort and is far from fun. If you drop your guard, you're bitten. The only satisfying part is to smash the insect, which I am attempting to do here. I will not take this anymore.

Furthermore, I have already tried to reason with him. At one point, I was telling him to stop in public chat as he was striking me. I reasoned with him for 30 seconds, before I used a bandage to restore the 3 hearts of damage he had managed to do, and then struck him. Of course, he ran like a French border guard with a coupon for cigarettes. Then, once in the safety of a no PVP zone, he started mocking the players at there, again running out and hitting them, and spamming in chat that I was a "Bandage noob". After trying to reason with him, my armor was damaged, bandages used and myself insulted. Again, I have reasoned and he will not stop. He needs to learn that this isn't a kitPVP server because the bank has become a terrible place to be both when the police are on, and when they are not.

So why did I not post this in the player report section? Because ICanRekYouEz is not really breaking any rules. There's no rule against hit-and-run tactics. But that's what the court is supposed to be for. A way of dealing with things that aren't in the rules. Overall, he makes the game much less enjoyable for people. And that is why I, or should I say we, are suing.

And why do I not ask the police? Well, I do. But the police are not on all the time, and even when they are, are often incapable of dealing with all the crime going on. Most of the time, he gets away with the assault and murder, which troubles me further.

Here are some people he has killed repeatedly.


And many others, though I cannot remember their names right now.

I and hopefully a few others will post screenshots/videos in what I hope to be a long-term court case where the gathering of evidence is ongoing. This is not a one time issue but instead is happening as we speak. I yearn to stop him from ruining the bank for everyone. I will ask people to post screenshots from in game, and I will try to record clips of his actions. I am through with this, and I believe that the players of McCities will agree with me; We have had enough.


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Jan 3, 2017
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This took place at the bank, correct? Why keep entering the PvP zone? There's plenty of room within the red carpet to hang out with friends and have "parties." Pvping at the bank, or any public warp, is fair game, so if you don't want to fight him just.. go elsewhere. It's a different matter if someone harasses you at your property, but to address your ideas of punishments..
1: We don't stop players from PvPing in a PvP zone, especially when there's a big safe zone near the warp.
2: It was your choice to keep PvPing and damaging your armor & dropping money during death. That's just part of PvP, stay away from the zones if you don't want this to happen.
3: Again, your choice to spend time PvPing.
Case closed with no action taken, to put it simply just avoid PvP areas if you don't want to PvP.
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