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Apr 4, 2021
What is your in game name?


What is your rank on the server?


What timezone are you in? (Important for planning school)

Australian Eastern Timezone

What is your Ar Time? (Do /ar time)

2 Days 18 hours and 12 minutes

Why do you want to become a teacher?

I want to become a teacher to continue as a role model for mccities.
With an arise of newer players teaching them mccities rules/topics is essential to them continuing there journey on mccities and leisure on the server, and as a well-experienced member, I would like to serve and spread my knowledge to new and curious players.

What subjects do you want to teach in? Include 2 topics, in case one of your chosen subject(s) are already occupied. ( Lunch Server and Potions)

I am willing to try to be a Potions Person for the school, filling the role and potentially help with detention means. and i would like to do the Lunch Server for the School for all people get their lunch.

How would you handle a situation if a student wasn't behaving in class?

3 strike system.
First Strike - Simple warning and continued explanation of strike.
Second Strike - Repeat the first strike, informing again the issue and contacting Principals of the issue
Third Strike - Warned again and forced to leave class, will continue to be dealt with by Principals with punishment according.

Do you have an account for discord? (This is required for teachers to communicate and plan as a team)

Yes, I am happy to give and contact you privately.

Do you have any questions, comments, or suggestions about teaching?

Keep doing the great job you're doing :)
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Teacher apps are applied for through a doc and you can find it here;

Sorry for the confusion! Good luck on your application :)
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