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Feb 19, 2017
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[Note]: This plugin has not been added back yet, but will be soon.
[Note]: This is all taken from the plugin site, so all credit goes there.
plugin site: https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/companies.16712/

Companies is a plugin that allows players to create their own company, employ other players in the company and set wages for the employees. Employees can then either do jobs for other companies who can pay the working company, or they can produce items to stock company chest shops to earn the company money.

One way of the company making money is by selling goods, to create a chest shop first place a chest down, then above the chest place a wall sign with the following on it:

1st line - [company] 2nd line - The company name ( putting not your company name will break the sign) 3rd line - The price all products in the chest will be sold at (must be integer) 4th line - Anything you like

The owner of a company can hire employees to help with their company. The owner has the option to hire, sack, change wages, or change rank of player to owner, accountant or manager.
  • Owner: can do anything to company hire fire disband or access bank
  • Manager: Can hire or fire employees and create company shop signs
  • Accountant: Can access the bank details and pay companies and players from the company bank.
The employee can choose to leave a company at any time

Each employee has a wage from their company, this is set per player by the owner and paid automatically each Minecraft week ( 7 MC days - configurable in config), an owner can also choose to set his wagetype to percentage, where at payday the amount in the company bank (after wages) is then divided up between all the players.
If a company cannot pay its employees then the employee and owner are notified.


    • /company help - display commands
    • /company info - display your company and employee info
    • /company info <company> - display another company's info

    • /company accept - accept a job offer
    • /company decline - decline a job offer

    • /company list - List all companies
    • /company tp <company> - check teleport cost for that company
    • /company tp <company> confirm - teleport to company HQ
Company owners

    • /company start <name> - start a new company
    • /company disband - Disband your company and sack all employees
    • /company leave - Resign from your company

    • /company set - Set company settings
    • /company set wagetype <fixed/percentage>- set company wages to just fixed or shared between employees
    • /company set trading <true/false>- Set company trading or not currently trading
    • /company set desc <desc> - set your company description

    • /company employee - Change employee settings, hire and sack, employees
    • /company employee hire <player> <wage> - Offer a job to a player with a set wage
    • /company employee wage <amount> - Set a players fixed wage
    • /company employee rank <employee/owner> - set an employee's rank within the company
    • /company employee list - List all your company's employees
    • /company employee sack <player> <pay> - Sack an employee with redundancy pay (0 = nothing)

    • /company pay <player/company> <name> <amount> - Pay another company or player

    • /company bank - show bank and wage info
    • /company bank withdraw <amount> - withdraw money from company bank
    • /company bank deposit <amount> - deposit money into company bank
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Mar 18, 2017
I will be working on updating this guide if necessary to companiesmanager.
If u were an accountant and lets say since the accountant can acess company bank, can the accountant steal from the company bank, would this be reportable as stealing?


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Feb 19, 2017
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This plugin will be added back soon, so this guide will be up to date (atleast for now). Please Do Not Lock this thread, in case of an update so I can edit it in. If you have any questions; feel free to start a conversation with me or message me in game so I can assist you more quickly and so staff do not feel the need to lock this.