/Warp Therapy


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Jan 13, 2019
There's probably been in a time in the server when you've been mad at somebody, want to divorce a significant other or needed a friend. I mean, who hasn't? We all need a shoulder to lean on and it's perfectly normal for people to have emotions. I've been putting some thought into this, and I believe having a /warp therapy would be an excellent way for players to roleplay and just have a better experience! We can offer marriage counseling, family therapy, group therapy and more! I believe It would be a fun experience to roleplay and help others!


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Jun 12, 2018
I could see this being a thing. Lmao idk if it should be called /warp therapy, it doesn’t have a good ring to it. It could be interesting if a job like this could be a job citizen or higher and you’d have to complete an exam in order to have the role. And since divorce and stuff happens to frequently it should be a rank instead of a job (otherwise nobody will do it uwu). It could be interesting if you had evaluations for this job every certain amount of days to verify that they still deserve the rank. It could be for any purpose, not just marriage therapy, but maybe also irl therapy (idk tbh i feel like some people would need this instead of just roleplay situations). I really admire this idea ❤-❤