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Oct 12, 2017
The Netherlands
Username: Sebastiaaann
What you were doing before this occurred: Logging on
What you've lost (Only if you lost something) or what happened: It said Welcome to mccities Sebastiaaann for the second time #@$%$@#@.

I've lost 10 halloween candy, 18 repair tokens, my gear, 1 slime legging, 1 slime boots, 1 enderchest, 1 cooler, 1 infused magnet, 18 vitamins tier 3, my exotic dia helmet, my explosive bow which i didnt screenshot ;-; (cry). I have proof of this somehow because i was using my explosive bow at /halloween join at @Trump15024 and patrick, when i logged out straight after that event so i still had it in my inventory. Im sure trump can confirm that. I also lost my multitool V and 1 parrot egg ( @2704patrick Ty :p ). That's all that i could think of besides the screenshots.

@nibble Yes you probably know already that this is a huge bug but im asking you to please fix this bug. It happened to me twice now, and i lost items of a value of approximately 2mil, since the axe, 2 bows, and my armour (from the previous bug) are lost now. Don't take this as a hate comment, because i know you have a lot of stuff to do but refunding takes a bit long. There are also like 10 bug reports about this bug, so you can say its a massive bug. Millions are being thrown in the dust bin.
Thank you

Proof1.png Proof2.png Proof3.png Proof4.png 2018-11-02_08.05.06.png
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