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    Thank you

    <3 u simily :D Had such fun times together! Now go beat life!
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    thanks for everything, i love you

    guud bai :( It was lovely getting to know u :) Hope you find the dream job u were after!
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    IMPORTANT Island Opportunity

    Redstone man up for grabs
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    POTM January

    Same here He has been awesome to the community :3 And deserves some recognition :)
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    IMPORTANT Server Event: Hunger Games Round Two

    Woop! Gl people!! Theres $ on the table
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    Selling Auction for juneaumansion

    2.01m heehe
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    Selling Auction for juneaumansion

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    Search Warrants added

    So if i just have 1 weed, and i say no u cant see my housy i get charged 10k. I might as well hold it and get charges less
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    leaving/resignation from arch and wabisabi/will (ik its a lot at once)

    Happy new year and Good Luck in the future! Will miss you
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    Kewl Cafe Guide

    Hi, welcome to the Kewl cafe Guide for (/pwarp cafe) Here is the cafe and the popular Kewl Cafe Alcohol Vending machine. With instructions: Step 1: Buy the 1 stone for $60, the iron door on the right will open Step 2: Select your lovely choice of drinks from Mead,Beer,Vodka,Whiskey,Rum and...
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    Search Warrants added

    finally its back :3
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    Case Closed KewlCafe Robbery

    If you go into google drive it is wayyy over 7 bottles ur looking 30+ bottles. And the party stealing my alcohol IS my buisness as it is LOSING $.
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    Case Closed KewlCafe Robbery

    1. Who are you accusing? LillyEggs and Isabelleggs 2. What are your claims/accusations? Hi, Me and an anonymous person has reason to believe LillyEggs and Isabelleggs has been stealing alcohol from KewlCafe while I have been Inactive. We have a TON of chest data of them taking alcohol from the...
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    Epic new status/profile pic/description xd Merry Boxing day xd

    Epic new status/profile pic/description xd Merry Boxing day xd
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    Selling [Round 4] McCities Official Plot Auction

    Well Merry Christmas Dwim :3 xd