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Mar 18, 2017
Who are you accusing: Spoon inc (Owned by Koekie_w) and all employees involved in the case

Claims Accusations: Spoon inc is a mythic company on McCities founded by Koekie_w and has multiple employees helping company operations. Apple and the other plaintiffs in this lawsuit are always rallying for a fair market for all companies to compete in friendly and for the best of the server economy. Spoon inc sells mythic armor, tools, and weapons and buys mythic items, adds enchantments, and scrolls and then sell the items for profit.

Yesterday, Sebastiaaann a player and former police officer were permanently banned by LeanneTheUnicorn for abusing a creative transfer. From the information provided by the ban appeal, Sebastiaaann sold many mythic items to Spoon inc including 4 scrolls, 1 legendary axe, and a 1.5 set of legendary armor. To be more specific LeanneTheUnicorn talked to Spoon inc and provided that he sold the following armor to Spoon inc: Plated Amber Boots, Damned Leggings, Rugged Chestplate, and a Rainbow Chestplate. She also provided that some of the items Sebastiaaann sold to Spoon inc are already sold to players by Spoon inc employees.

In Sebastiaaann’s ban appeal LeanneTheUnicorn said the following “I questioned one of the owners of Spoon inc, and they still have some of the duped items and have already sold some of them. Sebastiaaann then responded and said “No, I don’t deny this, and I admit the items were duped. Sebastiaaann was referencing that he admitted that the duped items were sold to Spoon inc as Leanne said above that “The duped items were sold to Spoon inc” From this statement it is clear and can be confirmed the Spoon inc had communication and coordinated with someone who broke rules to get mythic items and this is made clear by an administrator and the banned player. Although, after sifting through facts the plaintiffs in this lawsuit are unable at the current moment to find any evidence that Spoon inc was aware that the seller of the mythics was breaking server rules, it is clear from the statements made by Leanne and Sebastiaaann that Spoon inc sold some of these duped items sold by Sebastiaaann for profit and that these items are clearly circulating in the mythic market.

The plaintiffs have concluded that the defendants in this case (Spoon inc) coordinated and had communication with a player who broke rules to get mythic items and sold duped mythics as said by both Leanne and Sebastiaaann. Even though at the current moment it appears Spoon inc was not aware of this the defendants sold the duped items and made a profit off of that. The plaintiffs are suing for the release of information about the suppliers of Spoon inc past and present and their methods of gaining mythics we are also suing for civil action to be taken to take the duped mythics out of the market and possibly Spoon inc be refunded and the duped mythics should be Compensated. Our main reason why we the plaintiffs are suing is we would like Spoon inc to reveal the sources of their mythics including their supplies and we would like further information on if Spoon inc in any way has hurt the economy or affected the market by selling duped mythics or having coordination with players who broke rules and we are requesting that Spoon inc shall be held responsible if it is determined their actions were not moral or for the best of the server economy. We are also suing for the release of how much money Spoon inc made off of selling the items in questions. To be clear this is not a report that anyone in Spoon inc broke rules because it is not. This is a form of civil action by the plaintiffs against the defendants

The plaintiffs Trump15024, Apple, and Justyourcasual are all in the mythic business and the company Apple is also involved in the mythic market and the purpose of this lawsuit is to reinforce a strong economy.

Evidence: (this is where most of the information provided was found)
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Jan 3, 2017
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The defendants had literally no way of knowing that someone dealt duped mythics with them. To be quite frank, there's no reason to make this court case. Companies don't need to disclose their sources, employees, or anything related to the company. Sebastiaaann was the one that broke the rules and upset the mythic market, not Spoon Inc. Case closed with no action taken.
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