Selling Island Auction (Private/New Island)

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Mar 18, 2017
My Bid for the private island: 8.7 Million (this is only if my bid for AJ land does not get accepted or if this bid does get accepted I will withdraw my bid from AJLand.)
Reason for wanting the island: I plan to make this private island tropical with many tropical trees, plants, and gardens. I plan to build a mansion for me and other friends to enjoy and make a slime fun build for me and my friends who make slime fun items. I plan to make some boardwalks and some boats for friends and me to enjoy. I would add things like hiking trails, maybe some hills, and an aquarium to attract some visitors. There would be likely no regions on the island to keep its value. The goal for this island is to make it a private island me and my friends can enjoy but also any player can come and have fun. I would also possibly make a few villas for players/friends to rent and enjoy. If there is room maybe a tropical bar, a small restaurant for my friends and other players they can enjoy it too if they would like to come and maybe activities like a shooting range. If I do have room left I would add some features like caves, more terraforming, and possibly small mountains. A possible region name for this island is Tahiti I thought of that because of the tropical features of the island. I would also hire architects to help me make the island look great. Thank you! (Sorry for any grammar mistakes typed this on my phone)
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