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Wow.. err alright, what are your computer specifications??
My laptop is awful, but Tyler (my fiance) got a new PC and I got shaders on it.
When you falsely get banned for telling a story about harassment I've received to a friend in local chat and being accused of falsifying information when I feel uncomfortable. :clown:
AYO IM not back but i exist, anywayyss luv ya'll and i'm older now. my birthday was on the 7th.. I really think I;ve matured in my time away from mccities- eek anywayss can I have help because it keeps telling me my client is outdated but I'm using 1.15.
i’ll ask once, only once that you open that case up again as i have more to say. i’d also like a different judge without a biased opinion. i believe i don’t own crussy 15k.