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Dec 27, 2016
A galaxy far far away
Hey fellow enjoyers of Minecraft,

I'm back at it once again to make a post about the upcoming sale of the well known island Captain owned by me, PixelPuppy_. The island is estimated to be worth 30 mil and has been in an on going build project for the past year. I have access to the build in arch world, so if you were to pay extra you could always get the contents of what is already built. The plans of the island in the future that whomever may buy it will impact my decision, as well as the reputation you have on McCities. Be prepared to lay out your future plans for the island and don't expect the sale to be private or quick. No matter who you are you will not be given priority over others or be evaluated on anything other than sum of money offered, plans, and general reputation on McCities for continuing projects. Dm me about your inquires at Pixel#7611 if you wish, but I'll flat out ignore them and close the dm due to my dislike for having random people I don't care about in my dms. Other than that don't start a conversation on the forums with me either. You will just have to see your competition in the comments section of this post.


My plans for the island:
Current bid or amount of money you have to offer:



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Mar 18, 2017
@Turkey wait what happened? Sorta confused

@Pixel how will the build/ the one being built be transferred over ownership due to it being in arch world and in turkeys name. And i think shadow canceled the castle project if its being sold or something, Im not quite sure.

Pixel, can you also explain to me on how you got ownership and stuff Im just a bit confused at the moment since Tiger and Turkey owned it in the past then Tiger got banned so Turkey owned it. But yeah if you could explain a bit Im quite confused.

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