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You came back!? To this server!?? Thank you! Thank you so much! If you had given up on mccities after you got banned, then there would have been no hope for you or the server itself. This time, ask for netherite okay? ask around and we will give it to you :) What did you need it for? Armour for pvp and stuff?
Thankyou for being so kind :), It's appreciated!
Woaah... Happy Birthday! Is that right? mccities forum says that it's your birthday
Reason why staff are a bit inactive
Smilinq: Exams(allegedly)
trump15024: Exams(allegedly)
sundae22: exams(allegedly)
mabel:"Physical education(allegedly)
mods= Dunno what they are doing sadly
Phineas and Ferb's pet: Doing plugins(allegedly)
take with a truck of salt
Woah.. you have a Lot of jobs.. You can do them all right? Architect + Principal... Are you building the school?
Err hi there, I can see you viewing your profile without logging on? Did you forget your password xD?
Hey! Nice!! You came back but you haven't logged on? I can see you viewing your profile even though you haven't logged on ._.
Woah long time no see!! Congratulations on getting arch! What are you building these days?
SilverNinja you have won free 200 dollar internet come to /warp blackmarket to collect your prize!