My quit post


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Jan 11, 2019
I am quitting
It is not a choice for me to choose; I never had the intention to quit McCities, but because of where I'm living, I've been facing hardships relating to social conflict in the entire city, and possibly issues with governmental transparency. That's why I'm being sent to another country for the time being, or maybe permanently if things goes nuts here. Alongside of that, I've decided to put most of my gaming time off and more focus on my studies in order to prepare for the big tests.
As most of you know, I am a pvper, and probably the worst skill-wise in McCities. Ever since I bought my first set, I’ve been working to hunt down bounties and, for around 8 months, grind non-stop for better gear, and going out occasionally to kill people and hunt for big bounties. I was later introduced to bank robberies, which later started to do it daily. Although there were ups and downs during this semi-hitman career, and created some tension between players, I have mostly enjoyed my time here. This may be too late, but I have tracked and killed many players, and to those who disliked my actions I sincerely apologise for any strain caused. I have also been very toxic to some players in my early days, and I feel deeply sorry for that.

After my long stay in McCities, I'd like to thank some players who helped me throughout my journey:
Pengy, you are the one who introduced me to the fundamentals of mythic pvp, and eventually, allowed me to develop with your own resources, and after all the support you gave me, I simply couldn't find a proper, meaningful way to repay the wonderful experience you granted me. We had wonderful times together, and guided me through McCities when I was still a newbie. In early 2019, we had many memorable conversations together, and had a ton of fun on pvping. You also presented the basics of Slimefun, and even gifted items that has assisted me in pvping. Without your guidance and support, I wouldn't achieve the position on Cities right now, and one more time, thank you for the times we had together.

I'd miss your seemingly innocent look "afking" in pvp zone, and the jokes we made together over the year. You've been a wonderful friend, and I wouldn't forget the jokes we made together, when we were talking senselessly on stupid memes, and grinding together while trying to entertain each other to keep us from logging off. The llama trains were also a highlight, and along with other very meaningful, extraordinary things we've experienced and created together. Thank you very muchhhhh!

@Gabbygytes or Aspectual
You’re probably not the nicest to us, but in a good way XD. We shared dirty jokes in private chats, and kept me laughing all the time on discord. You’re a particularly interesting person, and I missed your presence on the server, whenever we were jacking off uncontrollably in Cities chat, and when we used to pvp frequently.

Although I didn’t meet you for a long time, I do know you had done a lot to get me here. When I first joined your gang, you’re the only one who trusts me, and I thank you for that. You’ve also guided me through many obstacles, and gave me advice on how to advance in cities. Thank you.

To the rest of TAF
Thank you for standing by me. We had a lot of fond memories together as a team, and no matter what, we are still a family. Thanks for the experience you’ve given me, the amazing brotherhood amongst us, and I hope we can reunite in the future.

You’re a cop, the best cop. We had wonderful times together when I first joined, and helped me on the way by introducing the ways of McCities to me, which certainly lit my path up. Your kind, approachable personality has definitely been a highlight in my times in McCities. I would definitely not forget your amazing job as a co, and I wish you luck on staff!

Smilinq, I really enjoyed the moments we had together. You’re a very considerate friend, and helped me through many problems in McCities. I’d like to say a massive thank you for your support towards players and towards cities. (you’re also an incredible builder :D)

You’re an amazing player, and put everyone before you. Your always full of surprises, sharing experiences and stories with me that has really inspired me to be a better person. You're a really special guy, and I really hope you can carry on bringing that delighting altitude to McCities.

I’m also gonna list out a buncha, and I wanna thank them all for being my friend, and for making up the server:

I may be returning to McCities occasionally, most likely during term breaks and big holidays, but I wouldn’t be as active as before. I hope my absence would bring more good to the vast criminal societies in McCities, more chances for pvpers, and I will be looking forward to revisit Cities soon, although I will still be partially active on discord and forums. I will be slowly disappearing and be more and more inactive as time goes on, and I hope I see you guys again.


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Jun 21, 2018
Aww man, Shiba I still remember when you first joined and I loved your dedication to the server. You are an amazing person and quite funny sometimes. And you never gave up no matter how hard the challenge was. From buying that first house and remaking it to grinding your way up in pvp gear you kept going until you accomplished your dreams. Thank you for everything, I'll miss you a lot. Good luck with school. <3


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Jul 28, 2017
It's sad to see another nice player go. We weren't super close but I enjoyed every minute we talked. You are one of the nicest players on the server despite anything that may have happened in the past. I hope you find a safe place to study and overall enjoy your time away from Cities. Feel free to message me whenever you want on discord <3


Jul 15, 2017

Although we didn't have the best relationship at first, I think you're an awesome player.
I remember the times we fought in pvp, the times where we annoyed the cops, and the times we talked.

I particularly admire your strong perseverance and motivation to achieve whatever you want.
Best of luck in life my friend and most importantly, enjoy it! ;D

you have my respect Shiba,



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Apr 20, 2017
uk :P
I'ma miss you Shibs, we all are.
Thank you for contributing to the community, Thank you for all the laughs, Thank you for everything.
If you need someone to look after Sunny in your absence, I volunteer.
Visit sometime, and most importantly, stay safe.
Good luck with everything, good bye :cry:


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Oct 25, 2016
Oh no.. I am deeply ashamed of myself for not seeing this earlier.. I am very happy that you are leaving to confirm your safety. Safe travels :D The journey for a new place is going to be tough.. You will probably hate the first few days you spend in your new house..
I hope that you come back after a few years. I haven't forgotten about building those cargo nodes.

By the way.. you might not be able to come back.. this may be the last time we can see you well and alive.. I should announce this to everyone who might be reading this.

A long time ago _Shiba_ asked for a stack of all the cargo nodes in slimefun. He managed to get them before I could make them. But the extra nodes are important as well.

Slimefun is quite glitchy and will probably turn every single one of _Shiba_ sir's cargo nodes into heads. So, if you want to truly say goodbye to him with few regrets, work hard to create and send him as many cargo nodes of your selected type before he goes away for good. I am just too weak to make them all with this looming threat of him leaving.


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Dec 20, 2019
I am so sad.We have new players join sometimes, but they never stay.Then we got people who have played for a long time quitting.If you ask me, I think we need to make a change. Mccities needs to do some something to get more players and keep em.The saddest part is that most of em is because of stuff irl, or because they are getting bored